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5 Points Recruiter Really Want To See In CV



When looking for a dream job, you and your CV will need to impress recruiters and show them that you are a suitable candidate. But what exactly do recruiters want to see in you and in your CV and how do they need the information presented?

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So, Careermate has put together an image to show how recruitment consultants really assess your CV, and the challenges they face in hiring the best candidate. Once you know what their lens looks like, you can adapt your CV accordingly to give them what they need, and land more job interviews.

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So if you are looking for employment in a company, for your benefit, given here is a list to help you get a clear understanding of what recruiters actually want to see on your CV, follow the list and you will be on the right track.

1. You should know what they actually looking out far

Questions like “Tell me about yourself” and “Why should I hire you?” is where you can show your skills according to the company requirements. Therefore rather than replying with vague generalities on your background and hobbies, recruitment consultant would want to hear about your qualifications and work experience that fit in with the requirements of the job being applied for.

2. Showcase your ability to say a lot in minimum number of words

CV is a point where you can showcase your skills. Once a job consultant opens your CV, the first thing they will do is spending an initial 5-10 seconds for scanning the required skills and knowledge. Since, it is initial scan to ensure that your resume has enough of the role’s candidate needs, before they invest the time read your CV in full. If your resume doesn’t pass this quick scan, then it’s likely that a recruiter will close your CV down and move on to the next one. To ensure that your CV makes an instant impact when opened, make it easy to read and highlight the skills that are relevant to your target roles. Use a clear simple font, break text up, structure the pages well and make your relevant talents prominent.

3. Recruiters focus on your current role

Your current is by far the biggest indicator of what you are capable of at this stage of your career; so recruiters will spend a lot of time studying this section of your resume. They want to know things like:

  • Your position and job responsibilities within the current organization

  • Overall goal of your role

  • Targets and achievements

  • Can you interact with people like managers, suppliers, customers etc?

  • Can you use the Tools/software used in IT packages, machinery, hardware etc.?

  • Work produced (reports, websites, physical products etc.)

Write about your current role in great detail to give recruiters lots of information and show exactly what you have contributed to your employer. Try to shorten older roles down and summarized to save space on your resume.

4. Clearly write down previous work experience

In addition to writing your educational qualifications it is also important to mention your work experience. You should make it a point to mention as many companies as you possibly can. A recruitment organization really prefer to hire those individuals who do have some amount of work experience

5. Clearly write about your projects

When writing your resume you must try your level best to showcase your talents as well as abilities as much as possible. It is absolutely vital to remember that simply mentioning the skills which you have will certainly not mean anything at all.

So these are some of the important things which you have to keep in mind because these are exactly the things which any recruitment consultancy is looking for on your resume. You must ensure that you take ample time to ensure that your resume has been prepared and been put together with the uttermost care as well as attention. A recruiter is someone who is skilled as well as experienced to be able to tell the difference at once between a resume that has been prepared in an hour or two and a resume which has been put together after a great deal of effort. So if you want the job, ensure that you are doing everything you can.

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