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7 Winning Characteristics Of Good Job Consultants



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We’ve seen many people go through career transition and decide to set up their own recruitment consulting business. Before starting your business, you should focus on the qualities that make you a good recruitment agency. You can easily find success in recruitment consulting by developing certain qualities. They make you more effective. After many years of consulting experience, I have distilled these qualities into a top seven list.

1. Professionalism

Consultants should always keep in mind that customer-relationship should remain at a professional level. It sometimes becomes easy for consultants to take on an “employee attitude,” which in many environments can backfire on the consultant and actually create a negative situation for the project.

2. Great Consultants Are Flexible

Great recruitment consultants adapt to new environment, projects, work cultures and colleagues easily. The main point is they come in, they fit in and they get the job done. Their technical expertise and soft skills allow them to take on their roles quickly and easily.

3. Self-Confident

The main point about great consultant is that they are self confident about their skills and expertise. A good consultant is team player: they put company goals and team spirit first. They expose a natural collaborative leadership and leave their egos before entering to their work.

4. Thorough Understanding Of Their Business

You’ve got experience, you’ve got connections, and you never stop learning. Client typically chooses a consultant because of two reasons:

1. The client expects the consultant have more expertise than others

2. Because clients do not have sufficient time to solve their own problems

People depend on your skill and knowledge, so you’re always one step ahead of the game when it comes to research and emerging trends.

5. Good Listening Skills
During the consulting process, a consultant will meet different people with unique characteristics. Some will be verbose, others reticent. Having excellent listening skills will encourage all to talk freely. This leads to more information sharing which, in the end, can make the consulting process more streamlined.

6. Excellent Communication Skills

As a consultant, you should have excellent oral and written communication skills. Since consultants are often viewed as the subject matter expert (SME), so they should be able to communicate their opinions effectively. In addition to mother tongue, it is beneficial to know the language widely used by other people or employees.

7. Time Management
A good Consultant should look for ways to adjust their work style to accommodate the schedule, budget and overall needs of the project. This is particularly true when faced with pressure to maintain high quality within finite time and budget constraints.

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