6 Tips to remember before joining your 1st Job!

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6 Tips to remember before joining your 1st Job!



Congratulations! High school or college is finally done, and you will now commence a metamorphic journey. 17 years of soaking knowledge, testing your knowledge and writing paper after paper are not exactly going to come to use out here, this world is different. 

I remember I had a teacher, who would always give me a heads up before any assignment or test, don’t expect that in the real world. Things will be very different at your first job. Deadlines for example; deadlines could be crossed and walked all over in college but you can’t stall deadlines at work, the last thing you want to do is miss it. On the bright side you can walk into office on your first day with a smile knowing your boss isn’t going to give you an exam. You are officially done with that term. But life is life and you will be tested every day step by step only to make you a better employee of course.

Here are a few tips giving you a heads up about what to
watch out for before nail your first job:

  1. Time
    – It is always and always will be THE MOST essential thing on this planet. You
    want to see that you reach work on time; you do not want to keep your boss
    waiting especially on your first. It’s always great to reach work about 15
    minutes prior to when your log into work. This would include lunch breaks,
    don’t exceed them and if you feel work is piled up, eat at your desk.
  2. Dressing
    – Scan your office and hope to god you’re not the only one in a
    hoodie. You most certainly want to consider working on your office wardrobe.
  3. Listening
    & Observational Skills
    – your 1st week at work should most
    importantly be about listening and observing what goes in and around office.
    Your boss is always going to be observing you, kind of like a hawk, the way you
    execute yourself the way you behave and the best thing to do would be to
    observe and interpret what he/she expects of you. Surprise them!
  4. Don’t be
    the next Gossip King/Queen
    – Everyone loves gossip, let’s not deny that. But
    there is a time and place for gossip and that surely isn’t at work. Make sure
    you aren’t the one spreading it and make sure you aren’t the topic.
  5. Manners
    – Without doubt we have all been brought up with good manners; we aren’t
    hooligans. But work ethics are a little different. The magic words ‘please’ &’
    thank you’ are still applicable. Always knock a door before entering.
  6. Ethics over
    a call
    – In this technological world everyone knows how to pick up and end
    a call but again it is a little different in the professional world. You must
    be polite and very articulate.

These are a few to begin with but there so much to learn about the corporate culture. Your first job is not at all going to be like your full – time internship. Your experience could be bad or good, but what should matter is what you have learned and the skills you have enhanced. Many fresher’s faces a problem with getting out of their college routine and getting into a new and more executive role. Evading challenges will only bring upon more. Do not ever let this slip your mind, HARD WORK is the key to growth & success.

Work isn’t all chaos & grown up, there is enjoyment. But
don’t forget your tasks at hand remember, your boss is still watching. Your job
isn’t a punch line, you can’t laugh it off you must take it seriously if you
want to see yourself get somewhere. Other than all this also remember to be
adaptable; you won’t be the only one working at your firm right? You will have
people working along with you from different natures & encounters. Everyone
deserves respect.

It’s going to be a long journey but a great one I promise,
it won’t be exactly how you dreamt of it but it’s up to you in the end to shape
how you want your venture to be. Do not forget, your first job isn’t your only
job; it’s more of a stepping stone to knowledge & experience. Give it all
you have! Making work your habit will take you a long way. Consider this your
duration to understand and experience deep awareness.

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