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CareerMate -What Are The Benefits With Us



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We are CareerMate, leading recruitment agency in India, provides recruitment services, job consultancy services and man power services to all industries, companies, MNC’s, firms etc for their IT & Non IT functions. We provide diverse human resource services to our clients as well as candidates catering to the entire employment and business processes. We have a huge team recruitment experts and professionals who work on our client’s needs and demands and give them a Qualitative Employees.

Unlike most job consultants in Noida who choose to work superficially with the sole aim of closing positions, we understand that requirement of each employee is unique, so we provide fresh perspective and young talent professionals to provide high degree of solutions. We thrive on working relationships that have been established with organization and candidates over a period of time! Only well assessed, befitting resources are offered for your personal evaluation.

We have our own applicant tracking system which comprises a set of large database where 500+ candidates register every month. The benefits of our Opportunity Applicant Tracking System:

  1. Absolutely FREE Applicant Tracking System – (Upto 2 recruiters login)
  2. Completely hosted solution – Go Live in just 2 minutes
  3. Track ACTUAL work time of recruiters (on browser clock)
  4. Fit for Distributed Teams (Freelancers as well as Permanent Recruiters)
  5. Control on number of logins by admin
  6. Configurable on automatic logout time
  7. Configurable Daily Download Limit
  8. Unlimited CV previews (with candidate history)
  9. Maintain your customers and vacancies in secured & isolated manner
  10. Work report, submittal report and interview reports
  11. Admin can create customer login.
  12. Customer can view candidates submission and interview reports.

Job Seekers

If you are seeking for commensurate opportunities that suit your specific qualifications and experiences alone, you are grossly on the wrong track! We are not one of those job consultants in Noida that places candidates on the basis of their academic qualifications and professional experiences alone! Our team is keener on unraveling your hidden talents and desires for specific achievements

You can say CareerMate is the solution for all your career related problems. Our main aim is to provide you with the job openings from all industries such as IT/ Non IT, Financial Services, Entertainment industry, Media, etc.

Gain the following advantages with CareerMate Opportunity Applicant Tracking System:

1) Get frequent updates on best jobs

2) Absolutely FREE recruitment services

3) Quick Sign Up – Saves your time

4) Apply to best jobs in SINGLE click

5) Mobile friendly application process

6) Share jobs on LinkedIn and Facebook

CareerMate Job Placement Services can get you your dream job. Your dream job is just a click away. Register now

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