Coronavirus Edition – What To Do At Home This Quarantine Season!

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Coronavirus Edition – What To Do At Home This Quarantine Season!




If you are a working person and freaking out staying at home this
COVID-19 pandemic, then you are
not alone. On the other
hand, quarantine brings you plenty of time to catch up with your pending work
and plan those business ideas you have in your mind and many more. 

Here is a list of some productive work you can do this isolation days.

Work from Home

While you have trapped yourself inside your home this COVID-19 pandemic,
you can still meet your work while sitting at home. Complete your pending
project while sitting on the couch. Who knows, you can make some extra salary.
One of the advantages of working form is you can work for limited hours, not
like your normal office days and you can take frequent breaks in between.

Update your Resume

Updating resumes takes a lot of time and needs proper care. It is one of
the tasks that fall
alongside your
everyday life. So, this quarantine you have plenty of time to look after your
resume and make it more organised and update with all recent experiences.
Update your resume
for the next time you go
for a job hunt. And while you are at it, update your LinkedIn and other social platforms. If you are
a fresher, start by wish
listing the job profiles that you want to apply after this quarantine.

Catch up your Reading

No one has enough time to read books, we never really prioritize reading
than other work of our life. This quarantine, start reading those books which
you were procrastinating for years. Make a list of good books and make a habit
of reading them. E-books are available online, also you can buy them from
e-commerce websites. Alongside, you have plenty of time, catch up on Netflix
and entertain yourself with documentaries and movies. 

Work on Projects

If you are self-employed or have any business ideas that you wanted to
implement for a long time. Building a website, launching an e-business,
painting, etc, catch up with all your pending ideas and work on these projects
since you have plenty of time these quarantine days. Tackle these projects and
earn some more revenue or build the entire business empire.

Amend your Budget

Since this Corona drained the markets, you might have to reconsider your
budget for the rest of the year. Although, investing in the stock market is not
recommended. Sit down and figure out your expenditure and plan a suitable
budget for the rest of the year. Make some savings for the future, or if you
are planning to save for your children or any other plan then, it is not a bad
idea to start these self-isolation days.

Expand your Contacts

The COVID-19 pandemic made everyone work from home. Since a lot of
people are working from home, it is a great opportunity to check-in people whom
you want to talk to. If you have any business ideas and you want to share with
your colleagues, approach them and plan your next big project. Also, catch up
with your old colleagues and ask them how they are doing. This quarantine, it
is a great idea to relive some old memories of college days with friends.

Spend time with your family

Last but not the least, give time to your family. Being an employee,
every day’s schedule is hectic and the bulk workload makes you complete the
work after you are home. Returning late at night and tired won’t let you enjoy
nor your family. But now when you are home, spend time with your wife and
children. Help your wife with cooking while playing with your children. Teach
them extracurricular activities and help them with academics. They will be more
delighted to spend time with you. Lure them out of their bedrooms and read them
books, watch TV together.


Staying at home for a long time can be challenging. So, sanitize your
hand regularly, keep social distance and take proper care of yourself and your
family. Catch up with all your professional pending work these isolation days
and use this time to accomplish some productive work.

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