Finished With College? Here are Five Tips to Land Your Job Faster

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Finished With College? Here are Five Tips to Land Your Job Faster



If you have finished posting all the stories & statuses
about your graduation, let’s have a look at what’s next on the to-do-list: finding
yourself a job. Even if the market, in any field you choose, is at its peak, it
still isn’t the easiest thing in the world to
get yourself employed. You will reach a point during your job search when you
will notice most employers only wanting freshers with experience. Yes, it
sounds almost absurd, but there is a way around that paradox, it’s not

Tips to get started with a clear mind & idea:

Take a break

Taking a few days to unroll is completely fine. You’ve had sleepless nights and early mornings, a break before you start hunting for a job seems fair.

Write down your strengths

It can be hard to recognize the skills you have or the ones you need to work on, but if you want that job as soon as possible this is the best way to examine what your weaknesses & strengths are. Take a throwback to what you observed about yourself and your potential over the years in college. These skills could be anything, it could be motivation & perseverance, organization & leadership or even teamwork & communication.

Purse help while structuring your resume

As mentioned above understanding your skillset & potential can be quite the puzzle, especially when you’re just out of college and no idea of how the world works. You can always ask family, relatives, friends about what they see in you when it comes to your strong points & weak points, also on how you format your resume; your way isn’t always the only way. Talking to teachers and professors who taught you in the past is great; they know you best and have seen you practically grow through your school & college years.

Job portals online

Various companies provide consultancy when it comes to finding you a suitable job or helping you make your resume or portfolio better. They also give you tips on how to ace your interview, and how to present yourself. They are bound to give you the right idea and information about the market and specific industries.


Honestly, this is one of the biggest assets you have. It is the era of social media and the internet, which is why it is all-important to be a part of the online grid. Companies today give more consideration to referral than walk-ins. everyone might not have the strongest network but it isn’t too late to start building it. People need to know you are open to getting a job, if they don’t, they aren’t going to be of much help to you.

Interviews are bound to come your way if you work towards it.
Before you get there, it would be great to brush
up on questions that are frequently asked during interviews. You want to make
sure your resume is revised and proficient. Going unprepared for an interview
is just you putting all your hard work and job hunting to waste. If you are job
hunting your goal should be to get an offer from the very company you apply at.
Also, you do not always have to apply only at companies that have opening you
can approach the ones that don’t too. Companies are always looking for talent
and if they see the spark in you, they might
just not forget you.

You need to be consistent when it comes to looking for a
job. Opportunities come and go at the blink of an eye. Wake up every day and
make ‘looking for a job’ the first agenda of the day. Good Luck!

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