maternity period is one of the most beautiful phases for any woman. As
this is the crucial time to take proper measures, many women opt out of their
job. After they are ready to step in again there are many challenges they face.
Below we have listed down a few steps, which can be taken into consideration.

your break

As per the research there are around 49% of hiring
managers who state that they would be hiring a working mom who has taken a break from her career,
because she would be hard-working, would be pro at managing time and would have

When it comes to sharing about your career break during an interview, most of
the hiring managers state that parents should feel free to talk about any career
breaks they had on their CV and thereafter share the value of taking this time

a company that’s right for you 

you are trying to find a new job after a career break it’s vital to take into interpretation
what type of workplace culture best fits your needs. As per the statistics
there are more than around 64% of women who believe that the biggest obstacle in
working mothers from advancing in their career is the non-flexible schedule. 

on your community 

Throughout the process, it is essentially important
that the women must lean on our community. As per the data we have come
to know that 28% of working ladies try to look for support as working parents
in the organization.

from your behavior towards your manager in terms of getting a promotion
to looking for sponsorship opportunities building a strong community of
supporters can play a vital role and be key to success when it comes to
advancing in your career. 

Create a roadmap

This is the most important part to do prior to searching for your jobs are to be ready with a
roadmap for yourself. On a piece of paper jot down all the types of job that
you are looking for, think whether you have the desired skills or not, search
about the right place to find that kind of job.

By doing all the above steps you will be able to analyze the gravity of the situation you are in currently. This
will further boost you up and help you achieve your goal i.e. to get back to
job life. Make a list
of all of the things you need to do before starting again.

Do a quick self-assessment

 Yes, the time you walked
out of the industry to the time you are joining it a lot of things have changed for you as
well as the work industry. We totally understand that you are totally cut
out from the world when you take time off during childbirth or while raising

But, once you’ve have taken a decision to return back to the
work mode then you need to catch up and start working on yourself. Try
analyzing what you have missed in all this time and see if you can catch up on
a few things, if not everything.

Update your resume

Pull out your resume, by digging into your old
computer files because it’s show-time! Try adding everything in your resume
that you consider important and that can help you to score better in an interview
with any employer. Take some help if needed but try working on that resume
until it is remarkable.

Update your professional portal

In case if you are active on professional networking sites such
as LinkedIn you can take a step and log in and update your profile. There are
times when managers make different types of investigations when they come
across a skillfully good-looking profile. This is one of the best ways to get
started if you are looking to search for jobs. You can always try reaching out
to headhunters on LinkedIn and see if you stand a chance.

Put the word out

The next step you would take is to start applying for the jobs. There are
various job portals such as Naukri, MonsterIndia, iimjobs, JobsForHer etc are great ways to
apply for jobs. You can also reach out to any job consultant to take your
initial step. You can also opt for referrals in your friends and family

there are various organizations that are running programs to target people,
especially women who have taken maternity break in their job life. So, it’s not
like the old days where you had to struggle to get back to your job life after
months of break.

Understand your market value

If you have made yourself through an interview
with any organization, you cannot neglect your market value. Try not to
under-estimate your potential and skills. There is no term called “gap” which
can be an obstacle to your career. Do not pay attention to what others say and
keep working until you find your right job.

Don’t settle for less

If you are unhappy with the figure that has been offered to you, do not settle for it. Unless it is the last offer for you on the table.

If you keep the following points in your mind, you can surely get back to your job life. Challenges make you stronger and helps you strengthen weak points.

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