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Top 5 Most Common Interview Question And Answer



These are the top interview questions you should be ready to answer, with word-for-word examples for each answer.

Practice and get comfortable with these questions and answer examples before your interview and you’ll feel more confident while giving much better answers.

1.Tell me about yourself?

  This is the very common question that every interviewer has asked.

    You can answer this question through the following points:

  • Give a short personal description about yourself.
  • You can talk about your achievements and education.
  • You can talk about your work experience (if you have)
  • You can talk about the biggest challenge that you faced and overcome.


2. What is your greatest strength and Weakness?  

Don’t know, why the interviewers ask this question? Your resume and experience should make your strengths readily apparent. If you are asked then your answer should be very clear, precise and on the point which is interviewer want to ask you.

Never say that you don’t have any weakness because weakness is in every person. You have to answer this question diplomatically. Every student knows how to answer: pick a theoretical weakness and present magically.


3. Why do you want this job?

Go deeper now. Don’t just talk about why the company would be great to work for talk about how the role is a perfect fit for what you hope to accomplish, both short-term and long-term. In case, if you Don’t know why the position is a perfect fit. Look some other Opportunity. Life is too short.



4. What are your goals for the future?   

This question is designed to find out if you’re going to stick around or move on as soon as you find a better opportunity. Keep your answer focused on the job and the company. you’re interviewing with and reiterate to the interviewer that the position aligns with your long-term goals.



5. How do you handle stress and pressure?

  How do you deal with difficult situations? What do you do when things don’t go smoothly at work? What do you do when something goes wrong? …

The best way to respond to this question is to give an example of how you have successfully handled stress in a previous job.  Avoid Claiming that you never, or rarely, experience stress. Not only is this difficult to believe, but it could also lead the interviewer to conclude that you have only worked in low-pressure environments and therefore are not equipped to handle a difficult situation. Rather, formulate your answer in a way that acknowledges workplace stress and explains how you have overcome it, or even used it to your advantage.

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