Top 5 Ways To Stand Out From The Job Hunting Crowd

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Top 5 Ways To Stand Out From The Job Hunting Crowd



The search for a new job is not easy. When you apply for a job, you expect to to stand out as the best applicant the recruitment consultant has ever seen. Since today’s job market is tough, thousands of other qualified candidates are competing for the attention of hiring managers and recruiters in your field. This makes it imperative to find the different ways to stand out above the crowd.

Standing out in the sea of applicants is not a small challenge, but with the few smart strategies, you can bring your resume to the top of a hiring manager’s pile. Here are five ways to do just that.

  1. Give your resume the ‘x’ factor:

Resume is most likely the first interaction a potential employer will have with you and it’s important to put your best foot forward. Before applying, make sure your resume is up to the date, clearly and concisely outlines your skills and major career achievements, and is without spelling errors. Try to use facts, figures, and numbers in bullet points in your resume.

With resume, you can attach the cover letter. When you’re writing your cover-letter, remember that the recruiting manager is likely going to be reading a lot of them. So, while you want to make the professional cover letter, you should put some of your own personality in it.

  1. Team up with a specialist recruitment consultant:

It might be tempting to limit the search or sending resume out to multiple companies. But engaging with specialist job recruitment agencies that works solely within your chosen industry can pay dividend. Specialist consulting companies have contacts with major organizations and often know about job opportunities before they’re even out on the open market. Want more information about best recruitment agencies, click at

  1. Pay Close Attention To Your Social Profiles

Social media has become the go-to tool for today’s job recruiters. The most of candidates have profiles on at least one major social networking site, so it makes sense that hiring managers would research potential employees at those locations. So, actively enhance your profiles’ SEO for your job search, you might want to think about doing so now.

  1. Be Unique (But Not Distracting)

A 2015 survey by CareerBuilder found that some job seekers used some strange tactics to stand out for the wrong reasons. A bold and daring approach to your job application may catch a recruitment executive’s attention, but not always in the way you intended. Try to approach the recruiter in a very confidence way.

  1. Do Your Research:

Before the interview, go over the job description and make comparison with the required job description to your current experience. Make a list of questions you think the interviewer may ask, and prepare your answers accordingly so that you’re not stuck for words if they come up during your meeting.


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